Greetings, space cowboy
20 June 2018

I started this blog as my portfolio, even though it could be an opportunity to talk about my interests and my little projects. Anyway, a presentation is due.

I’m a student of computer science in Italy and I’m convinced that computers are wonderful crafting tools. I have always seen them as empowering, creative and fun.

I’m also on the FOSS side of computer science, meaning that for me, that’s the way all software should be. Obviously I’m young and inexperienced and unaware of all the dangers, weirdness and possible wonders of the developer’s life. From what I have seen, though, open community > closed environment with respect to software usability, documentation, code quality and security.

When I discovered GNU/Linux and the power anyone can gain by learning the command line, I understood that you don’t need much to use a computer, just time and some headbangs on the keyboard. Using GCC+GDB+Valgrind taught me that combining pieces of software is way easier on an open system because there the tools you need are built to work together. I was able to enjoy their simplicity, usability and obtained better (and quicker) results.

Right now, I find myself experimenting with more modern and high level programming languages, such as D. I’m learning that complexity can be designed properly and then built in layers of abstraction, but most of all I’m discovering the flexibility one can obtain by introducing strategies during development. Designing is at least as important as implementing, nevertheless I have the impression that this point isn’t stressed enough during the education of the new software engineers.

Still, what do I know? I guess I’ll keep this blog updated and we’ll see. It’s clearly about me discovering things and bragging about them, but in my humble opinion, being a digital citizen (read: civilized person) involves sharing and participating in the community. Hopefully in a constructive way, and not spoonfeeding those who just want to prey on data to turn it into profit.

I’m also a huge fan of grunge music, jazz, steampunk fictions and mountains, expect some of them here.


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