A music visualizer for MPD, with no external dependencies other than ncurses.

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Minimal MPD music visualizer, based on curses. Works by reading the fifo output of an MPD instance. Now with real-time beat detection and display!

ExampleBeat Example1 Example2 Example3


ncurses and GCC (or another C99 compatible compiler).

Optional: libmpdclient to display current status (song / elapsed time / etc).

The fifo output of MPD needs to be enabled. To do so, simply place this in your mpd.conf:

audio_output {
    type                    "fifo"
    name                    "my_fifo"
    path                    "/tmp/mpd.fifo"
    format                  "44100:16:1"


Clone the repo:

git clone https://fragal.eu/git/fra/mvc
cd mvc/

Build with status display (requires libmpdclient):

make all

Note: without libmpdclient installed, this is equivalent to 'make nostatus'.

Build without status display (without libmpdclient):

make nostatus

Install (to /usr/local/bin/):

sudo make install


An instance of MPD must be running for mvc to work.

From a console / terminal emulator:



  • Quit: q
  • Change drawing mode (style): Space bar
  • Move status panel (if built with libmpdclient): up / down / left / right keys
  • Reset status panel position: r
  • Toggle status display: t
  • Toggle beat display: b
  • Increase base frequency of logarithmic bins: F
  • Decrease base frequency of logarithmic bins: f
  • Decrease octave divider of logarithmic bins: O
  • Increase octave divider of logarithmic bins: o
  • Print this help: h


Editing settings.h allows the configuration of:

  • Host, Port, Timeout and DB location of the mpd instance
  • Timeout for the connection to mpd to fail
  • Number of samples taken each read
  • Adaptive sampling on / off: whether to adapt the number of samples to the current sample rate. Might give fairly accurate results with high rates (> 96000 Hz)
  • Location of the MPD named pipe (fifo) from which mvc reads.
  • Seconds in between each status refresh
  • Niceness: number of reads to be skipped cyclically (reduces load on the cpu)
  • Y_Correction: integer value to be subtracted to the components in case the height of the screen wasn't sufficient
  • X_Correction: lateral shift in case the visualized spectrum is not perfectly aligned with the center of the screen.