A script to automatically build and setup a Gentoo Chroot environment (and run some commands into it)
Updated 10 hours ago
Web scraper
Updated 17 hours ago
Updated 6 days ago
A POC of a remote process caller using twisted and HTTP Post requests
Updated 9 days ago
A music visualizer based on curses and written in C
Updated 16 days ago
Vibe.d file server example through HTTP/2
Updated on 14 Apr
Convert media files with ffmpeg and GNU parallel, sync them via rsync to a mountpoint
Updated on 8 Apr
Updated on 8 Apr
Updated on 5 Apr
QMK firmware for my minidox
Updated on 21 Jan
Updated on 21 Dec
Updated on 11 Jul
A webserver to manage distributed directories
Updated on 20 Jun
The quicker pong learner you'll ever see.
Updated on 20 Jun